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Comment your images freely

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November 18, 2016
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Comment your images freely

The new 4.07 Keepeek release is online. Discover the brand new features in your Digital Asset Management system.

Main feature: collaborative annotations and real time on images

To complete the existing collaborative features, Keepeek has created a new componant to make graphic annotations on the content. Select an area on your media and share comments or retouch requests in real time with other users! These interactive comments are saved in a history to make it easy to follow discussions. Combined with the Keepeek Photoshop plug-in, this new feature will help you speed up your validation workflows.

Real time annotations on images

New Editorial widget

Keep in touch with your user community with the new editorial widget. You can share news or notifications on the homepage, a feature particularly appreciated in Brand Center projects.

International Content Delivery Networks (CDN) integration

The new integration plugin helps secure access to content using CDN cache networks. Your media are now accessible 24/7 with a 99,99% availability rate. This integration aims at strenghtening the link between Keepeek and your eCommerce servers or critical applications. The supplied links are stable through time, even when media items are replaced. Access to your media is enhanced, wherever you may be!

FTP Export

Push content towards other websites with the new FTP export feature: perfect to fuel content to your eCommerce or content websites.


It is now possible to search several folders at once with the new API development.

Developments and patches

  • Color stickers and labels merge
  • Used formats in the video player have been fixed
  • Optimisation on suggestion lists containing several thousand items
  • Improvements regarding the interface language management for public sharing
  • Item download in shared baskets has been improved.
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