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How to get asset creators to centralize their content in your DAM

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October 16, 2020
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from a historic top-down model to a collaborative model

Following the decentralization of content production: what strategy should you adopt to get content creators to upload their assets into your Digital Asset Management solution?

Increasingly decentralized production of corporate assets

Originally, the production of multimedia content for companies was mainly the responsibility of communication departments. They organized photo and video shootings and commissioned their agencies to produce web, print and advertising content. The agencies or the communication department itself then integrated the content into the DAM for distribution. This historical top-down model is tending to disappear. For many companies, a new collaborative organization is being set up with new types of content:

Employee content

Teams in the field take photos and videos directly with their phones. This is the case, for example, in the construction sector, where engineers and workers document their work on construction sites. It also happens during events, where employees take pictures and share them directly on social networks. 


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