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With Keepeek 3.7.23 your media bloom in spring

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March 29, 2016
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With Keepeek 3 7 23 your media bloom in spring

The new version of Keepeek 360° was deployed on Friday, March 18, 2016 on Cloud Keepeek Standard and on Friday, March 25, 2016 on Cloud Keepeek Premium.

Try the new features of this version!

Creation of multiple media without physical file

From the feature "Create media", choose the number of media to create without associated physical file. You are no longer forced to create these media one by one, the selection of the number allow you to get in one-click several blank documentary notes.

Setting of dynamic galleries image dimensions

Standardize the dimensions of your images in the dynamic gallery with this new setting possibility. By defining a width or a fixed height, all your pictures appear the same size.

API - Modification of sheet multiple fields in a single operation

From API, you now have the ability to edit multiple fields of a media sheet at once. Enjoy this new feature to do faster various modifications on the fields of your sheets!

Addition of the advanced search mode on the user portal

The advanced search mode has been added to facilitate the requests of your users. This additional functionality allows to use a fully customizable search form.


  • Update of facets files when updating a media
  • Media search via API: sorting adjustments on several "date" fields
  • Correction on shared baskets when a media is in the trash box
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