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The Microsoft browser comeback

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April 10, 2020
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During almost ten years, the Microsoft browsers were in disgrace, discarded in favour of Google Chrome and Firefox, among others.

Often mocked, Internet Explorer, star browser of the 2000s, had slowly become obsolete, combining security leaks and low performance. Microsoft tried to regain momentum by launching Microsoft Edge in 2015, a browser installed on all new Windows 10 versions, but with little success.

Why are we now talking about a Microsoft browser again?

Early in 2020, Microsoft launched a new version of Microsoft Edge based on Chromium, engine on which is also based... Google Chrome, the most common browser (68,5% market share). Less than three months after this launch, the new Microsoft Edge has gained significant market shares and has overtaken Firefox for computer use.

Microsoft Edge is starting to seduce again for several reasons:

- it looks a lot like Google Chrome: the interfaces are very similar and the Chrome extensions also work in Edge

- it requires a lot less memory: according to comparatives, Edge uses about half the RAM Chrome requires

- it can limit tracking more easily and provides simpler privacy settings

- it integrates better with Microsoft 365 (new name of Office 365)

- Microsoft announced on March 30 the upcoming release of new attractive features, including a vertical tab system.

What browser should I use to work in Keepeek?

Google Chrome has been for years a safe bet to efficiently use Keepeek, and remains the most common browser among our users (49,5% in the back end). Firefox (30% of Keepeek users) is also advised. Despite providing performances slightly inferior to Google Chrome, Firefox has the reputation to better protect privacy.

Should you change for the new Microsoft Edge ? Our DAM consultants, intensive users of Keepeek, are currently testing Edge from every angle to compare its performance and make their recommendations. In a few weeks, we shall be able to provide precise and reliable advice. Stay tuned!


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