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Keep your media warm with Keepeek 3.7.21

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January 26, 2016
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Keep your media warm with Keepeek 3 7 21

The new version of Keepeek 360 has been successfully deployed on Friday, January 8, 2016 on Cloud Keepeek Standard and on Friday, January 15, 2016 on Cloud Keepeek Premium.

Discover the new features and patches for the new version.

Change of status of a media

The change of status of a media is no longer only reserved to administrators.To gain autonomy and responsiveness, users with write permissions can now act on the status of the media.To take advantage of this feature, nothing more simple : its activation is configurable by you.

Evolution on the media control

We wanted to facilitate the media control validation system. You can now quickly access the details of a media controlled directly from the control management window. You access to valuable information on each media and you are able to quickly make a decision related to the requested media.

3 new features for the user portal

Facilitating putting to the basket a media selection

Enjoy a new button allowing you to select on the current page all visible media. You can then place them in a single click in the basket!

Multiple download without using the basket

A feature is now available for you to download all the media in your current page without going through your basket selection. You find your media easily and increase your productivity.

Enhanced photo management reports

Now you can quickly view all the media of the same report. Thanks to the media details, all the media that constitute the same reporting are directly searchable. A link "See the whole report" also opens a dedicated search page. The concept of reporting is easily configured from the administration interface. It is carried by a specific field of documentary instructions.


  • Incorrect display suggestions in the media for some retail data languages
  • Problem for ZIP file creation to export in some cases
  • Re-generation of permalinks after changing the original file
  • Correction when importing files of + 2GB
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