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Keepeek continues to evolve and launches its version 3.7.15

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June 9, 2015
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keepeek continues to evolve and launches its version 3715

Keepeek is getting off this June to a good start with the update of the 3.7.15 release. The new version of Keepeek 360 was deployed Friday, June 5, 2015 on Cloud Keepeek Standard and will then be available Friday, June 12, 2015 on Cloud Keepeek Premium. Discover the features and patches of the new version.

Dynamic galleries generation from your folders

The new 3.7.15 release marks the transition from static galleries to the generation of dynamic image galleries. You can now generate the galleries directly from your files without having to change the URL of the gallery. The content is automatically adapted to suit your modifications to the addition or deletion of pictures and will greatly help you save time!

La nouvelle galerie dynamique de Keepeek

Permalink request from the responsive user portal

From your responsive users portal, you make your permalink requests directly without going through the Back Office. Upon acceptance of your permalinks, you enter the URL of the image or HTML code to embed in the site.

Support for the media import via API

In our previous blog post on the 3.7.14 release, we announced the ability to perform updates from the media in the API. Today, the new update will make you enjoy editing your media, their transmission and their importation into Keepeek via the API for better integration with your information system.


  • Respect of fields ordering in the media sheets
  • Rights monitoring strengthened for duplicates removal
  • Disappearance of inadvertent doubling of mail bodies
  • Remove media when using the "Remove the folder and the media" feature
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