Keepeek involved in the flight of Aéroports de la Côte d’Azur

December 15, 2015
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Keepeek involved in the flight of Aéroports de la Cote d Azur

By choosing the Digital Asset Management solution (DAM) from Keepeek in 2012, the Aéroport Nice Côte d'Azur entrusted Keepeek with the mission to reorganize a rich iconographic history that deserved a structure worthy of the name. Among the photographs powering the photo library, there are photographs of infrastructure, personnel of the various airport jobs, events that punctuate the life of the platform, but also aircraft models that came on the tarmac or archive documents dating from early century. The administrator in charge of the IT project at Aéroports de la Côte d'Azur, explains the stages of this project.

Could you talk about the initial problem that motivated you to implement a DAM solution?

Our desire was to restructure pictures from the Aéroport Nice Côte d'Azur to be able to organize it and make it accessible and usable to our employees and our suppliers. We wanted to be able to provide selectively all the illustrations resources we had, centralized in a single database where everything is stored and secure.

Is the photo collection from the airport Nice Côte d'Azur voluminous?

Yes, we have an iconographic collection of over 90,000 photographs currently integrated in the database.Many shots operations were carried out over time by photographers, agencies, communications service to illustrate all airport activities in the communication leaflets, institutional publications for trades illustrations, promoting trade and services of the platform, parking, flight schedules, work, etc.Among the available illustrations, we have also all our communication tools (logo, graphic, press reviews, ...) but also every event, big or small, the installation of a company, the arrival of the A380, the G20 where we had a few years ago prestigious aircraft ...Beyond that, we also have many archival photographs depicting aerial views of the early century, the first airport hangars, ...

It is a historically rich and complete collection that does not only concern the Aéropot de Nice.

Apart from the Aéroport de Nice, other sites are also concerned by the photo library?

Yes, on the Côte d’Azur, the Cannes-Mandelieu Airports and the Gulf of Saint-Tropez that we manage also fuel the photo library with their illustrations. We have growth ambitions, particularly in private aviation, there is gradually international exposure to be taken into account. The photo library follows the evolution for each site and each of airport operations. This is what makes its interest and strength.

A photo library implemented by Keepeek for Aéroports de la Cote d Azur

How was the photo library implemented?

The project started in 2012 by a recovery of existing files because we already had at the time a photo library. This essentially allowed us to make file management, but the biggest part of the iconographic collection was not managed in this tool.With Keepeek, we moved to a higher level to establish a strong and coherent structuring of our collection. Thanks to the support we had from project and technical teams, the implementation took about 2-3 months. This time of work was necessary for us to develop a way of ranking relevant for our collection so that it could be strategic and understandable by users according to their needs.

Who are the users of Keepeek? What do they do with the tool?

Internal users, who turn to the communication direction. This direction manages the airport image, they advise and respond to requests for services for trade shows or events when they need to prepare slides to present their services or projects.Internal communication also includes images selections from Keepeek in the intranet to directly reach all employees.

External users such as photographers commissioned by the Aéroport de Nice Côte d'Azur have also access to the photo library. During the reporting orders, they deposit their photos in Keepeek and qualify the keywords themselves to go faster.In this way, the potential of the application is best used to manage the access rights by the public concerned.

These uses will keep on changing and will multiply with the new responsive web portal Keepeek.

What does the new responsive web portal Keepeek allow you to do?

With the new Keepeek responsive web portal, we will be able to offer access to all of the internal organization, involving therefore more employees.This responsive portal is for us also the possibility of no longer being blocked when we are on the move and enjoy the iconographic collection by using other devices such as tablets or smartphones.

What are the benefits that the DAM from Keepeek has brought you?

With the DAM from Keepeek, we have professionalized the use of the photo. We are able to handle large data and be in tune with the changes brought by digital.The structuring of our pictures in the photo library makes us enjoy useful features: duplicate detection, management of image rights, sharing with baskets or publications ...Our data are dated, qualified and structured, it gives a true added value to our pictures.

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