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Keepeek is actively seeking a new Digital Asset Management Project Manager

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December 23, 2014
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Keepeek is actively seeking a new digital asset management project manager

We are looking for a web project manager with experience in the field of Digital Asset Management. Your role would be to assist clients with the implementation of our digital asset management software - Keepeek 360. In collaboration with our current project managers, you would actively participate in the organization of technical teams by following our SCRUM and KANBAN methodologies. This position is based in our Paris offices.

You would participate in the pre-sales phases alongside the Sales Engineer by assisting in the development of the commercial offer. You would participate in the analysis of the project and the definition of the various phases required to complete it. You would also assist in the budget analysis of the various implementation stages. Some projects would require the integration of the Keepeek application alongside other pieces of software. You would need to understand the technical context and be capable of offering solutions to best treat such integration needs. You would qualify the level of risk of a project and offer solutions to avoid such risks.

Once a project has been accepted, you would then manage said project. You would establish the schedule in collaboration with the client and organize the on-site Keepeek teams. You would manage the schedule and be responsible for detecting any possible overlaps. You would be responsible for the correct functioning of the project at every stage.

You would be mobile and know how to organize on-site travel within a national context. You would have a full understanding of how to master teleconferencing equipment. If required, you would be responsible staff training in teleconferencing and teleconferencing equipment.

Your educational background should be of engineer level. Your technical experience should allow you to lead client discussions in terms of integration and technical feasibility. These questions could concern graphic interfaces, Web service integration or databases. You should have significant experience in Web project development. You should have already held a similar position in project and schedule management. You should have already managed DAM, PIM, GED or e-commerce projects. You should express the desire to progress within this field and to further develop your skills in terms of flexible projects with a leading software publisher. Send your application to!


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