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Ville de Meyzieu adopts Keepeek photo library

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February 15, 2012
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Ville de Meyzieu adopts Keepeek photo library

Meyzieu is a vibrant city, attractive and pleasant. Located at 20 minutes from Lyon, Meyzieu is at the crossroads of the departments of Rhone, Isère and Ain, and imposes itself today as a central pole of East Lyon.We were consulted and selected by the municipal IT department. They had a clear idea of their needs. The ideal photolibrary was defined through demanding and rigorous specifications:

  • Available on PC and Mac
  • Describe each document accurately
  • Organize the media collection according to a thesaurus developed by the head of the communications department
  • Allow to import new files using a cataloguer and mass index
  • Allow to create and manage albums independently
  • Offer different viewing mode
  • Allow to archive the iconographic collection safely

Keepeek has become the software solution that exactly met all these criteria.The city now has a custom indexing software allowing photos, videos, audio, graphic design files and digital pictograms management.Meyzieu joins a large number of cities using Keepeek.


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