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DAM meetings 2015 - Keepeek and INTD

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February 10, 2015
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DAM meetings 2015 between Keepeek and INTD

The annual meeting between Keepeek and the National Institute of Science and Documentation Techniques is in full swing. For two days, Keepeek project managers come share their experiences with CNAM students.On the agenda of Digital Asset Management meetings :

  • Real case presentation of photo library implementation projects
  • Overall perspective of the risks and difficulties of DAM projects
  • Panorama on the diversity of projects related to corporate image
  • How to develop expertise in documentary projects and marketing communication?
  • An overview of the different solutions on the market and their role
  • The positioning of DAM solutions in complex information systems

So many topics and issues discussed at the plenary sessions and tutorials.Learn more about INTD


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