Scania France hits the road with Keepeek

March 15, 2018
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Digital Asset Management plays a vital role in the digital transformationof marketing and communications activities. The success of said operationrequires adapting the tool to your needs and providing assistance to users.

Scania France, seller of heavy-duty vehicles, contacted Keepeek expressingthe desire to create a new photo library.

This need quickly evolved thanks to the tool being easy to use and theircommitment to selling the application's usefulness to their users.

A year after the launch, we're taking another look at a project thatattests to the value added by the DAM to content visibility. A peek at asuccessful collaboration!

Thibault Loddé, you’re the Communications Officer at Scania France. Could you give us a brief presentation of what you do?

Thibault Loddé - Scania France is an importer for the Scania Group,based in Sweden, and manufacturers of heavy-duty vehicles weighing over 12tonnes. The brand operates in French territory with a network of over 100car dealerships that offer trucks, coaches, buses, industrial engines aswell as car financing and insurance services.

What was the motivation behind your Digital Asset Management project?

Our initial need was pretty classic in that it was related to themanagement of our photos. We did have a photo library before, but that toolbecame dated and we stopped using it a few years back. We were thereforelooking for a new application to house, index and search for our photos.

That's why we chose to call it "Photothèque Scania", meaning photo library, even if the DAM manages much more than justphotos!

That’s right, your initial need grew quickly to include the management of all your marketing and communications content. How so?

It was a natural evolution. Once the photo library was in place, we quicklyrealised that Keepeek offered many other possibilities. The tool was soeasy to use that we progressively incorporated the management of ourvideos, which were previously housed on Youtube or on our internal servers.Keepeek has also become our Brand Center, managing all the elements of ourgraphics guidelines.

Once the indexation is done correctly, the tool allows you to find anymedia file you're searching for with incredible ease!

A DAM project is deemed a success when the proposed content is adapted to needs of the different target audiences. Who are your users and how did you structure your media?

We have two main target audiences. First there are the users that we haveinternally, that being, our marketing and communications teams as well asthe agencies we're working with. The content we share with them is moretechnical and is linked to abrand center. Here you'd find for example our brand's user guide.

Our external audience is comprised of our clients, journalists and asignificant portion of fans of the brand. We mostly shareproduct photoswith this audience (trucks, engines), but also a substantial collectionwhich promotes our company life. In the indexation and the description, weclearly single out product media of those who highlight the men and womenat Scania.

This allows us to have highly skilled visitors who remain on our portal fora long period of time with low bounce rates.

Why choose Keepeek, a French company, to assist you?

We looked at three other applications which were all powerful, but more orless flexible. That is what made us lean towards Keepeek, its adaptability.We had a very specific set of needs related to our work environment whichrequired specific developments. The R&

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