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Keepeek starts out the new business year with Version 3.7.17

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August 19, 2015
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keepeek starts out the new business year with version 3717

As the business year got off to a new start, Keepeek successfully launched its new Version 3.7.17, on Friday, 14 August, 2015 on Cloud Keepeek Standard. It then went on to become available on Cloud Keepeek Premium on Friday, 21 August, 2015. Discover the new and corrected versions in our latest version.

User Search

The addition of the new "All users” item will make your user search function a lot easier to use. Thanks to this global search system, you will save time by being able to directly enter the surname or first name of a user - and thus find him or her more quickly and with greater ease.

Improvement - Media search possibilities

API has evolved yet again with the arrival of Version 3.7.17 through the integration of two new types of search tool: find modified media through a date search tool including hours, minutes, seconds - and search all media present in the file via the file name or ID. These new search modes allow you to work with higher precision when searching through your media.

Media data linked to main media details

Through the responsive user portal, it is now possible to display (or not display) media data linked to main media details. Information relative to linked media is then centralized for clarity.

Column configuration for linked media tabs

In media detail, you now have the possibility to modify column titles of linked media to display specific columns from the media file. Customize your list of columns according to your preferences in order to fully benefit from this new function.


  • Double copies not detected upon import
  • Video permalink with original videos with odd dimensions.
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