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Keepeek v4.18.0 : Explore the depths of your media !

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November 2, 2018
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In October, Keepeek strikes it hard ! Our new 4.18.0 version discloses two major functionalities to optimize your library :

-an advanced search engine, to set up multi-criteria searches

-creation of persistent URLs, linking to customized thumbnails

DAM Admins, as well as daily assets users, have been expecting these tools with great impatience. These will for sure make everyone gain benefit from greater precision and efficiency.Monitor and optimize your assets indexation by creating advanced search forms. Then share your assets - resized on dedicated layouts, on multiple channels (websites, social networks, PIM, etc.) thanks to the permalinks.

🗓 Discover all these new functionalities in version 4.18.0, available to you on the cloud since October 26.

1/💥NEW💥 Advanced search engine

This new tool enables platform managers to perform targeted researches browsing all or parts of the library.You can easily target non-indexed assets or empty indexation-fields, so you can later fill them in bulk. You can also extract the list and send it to your assets managers.

Keepeek advanced search engine enables you to :

-Define customized search forms: Set up your forms by mixing different criteria, then visualize the results directly on the same page

-Combine precise criteria : folders and sub-folders, assets status, fields (autor, file type, rights, etc.), date of import, words from Thesaurus, operators (“and”, “or”, “without”, ”equals to”, “empty”...) etc.

-Export search results

-Save the forms for the searches you perform regularly.

2/💥NEW💥 Links to customized thumbnails

Adapt your pictures to customized layouts, and share them via permanent links (permalinks).This functionality turns out to be the best way to add pictures on a webpage via a CMS, as it ensures the longevity of your links: thumbnails are stored in Keepeek and they remain available even if the original media are updated.

On you Back Office, create thumbnails from the Details and edit your image using the Keepeek image editor (to rotate, resize, crop or blur your pictures) or select a customized layout, specifically set up by the platform Admin and Managers.

Permalinks are also available on user portals, so your visitors can create their own thumbnails to share them on a PIM, website, social network or any other platform. For a given asset, visualize the thumbnails already created by other users.

3/💥NEW💥 User portals - Gathered display of media declinations

Assets that are available in several versions are now displayed in clusters, following the scheme “reference asset” >


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