12 ways to boost communication with your DAM

December 20, 2019
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You have implemented a DAM (Digital Asset Management) solution and all your multimedia content is now centralized, organized, deduplicated and correctly indexed. You now wish to get to the next level and exploit your DAM platform further? Here is a list of twelve ways to use your DAM to improve your communication, internally or externally!

1. Include an asset selection in your press releases

Include a link to an asset selection in your press releases to provide journalists with images, videos, logos or documents to download. You maximize your chances for them to relay your news. Thanks to your DAM monitoring, you can measure for each provided asset how many times it was viewed or downloaded, ideal to check the success of your campaigns!

2. Give an easy access to your video tutorials

Your video tutorials are too long and users cannot bother to view them? Sequence your training videos or webinars and embed them in a webpage so that users can access directly the feature in which they are interested!

3. Embed a slideshow in a webpage

Embed a slideshow on your blog article to relay your latest customer event without overloading your page. If you receive additional photos of your event later on, you can add them to your slideshow in a few clicks!

4. Push your DAM videos on social networks

Do you publish your videos manually on your various YouTube channels? Your DAM can push them automatically, together with their titles, keywords and copyrights.

5. Create a Brand Center

How much time is lost in your organization, looking for the latest logo, in the right size, in colour or black and white, in the landcape or the portrait version? Add a Brand Center to your DAM where you can centralize logos, fonts, brand guidelines, document templates, email signatures, icons and useful pictograms. With your DAM, you can even manage editorial pages to explain best practices.

6. Display films and interviews in your company lobby, by creating a video playlist you can update from your desk

Are there screens in your lobby showing videos on a loop? Create a video playlist in your DAM to display them on those screens. You can update your playlist without leaving your desk as soon as you get new content. Say goodbye to your trips to the lobby with your USB key!

7. Offer a space for the company newcomers

Help your new colleagues to get started in your company by offering them a space on your DAM where they can find useful content: welcome booklet, Who's who and team pictures, reference documents and so on. As soon as they arrive, they will be able to identify their new colleagues, grab your company culture and get the logos and document templates they need: everything to get a good start in their new position!

8. Create a marketing repository

Create a marketing space for your sales teams with all information about your products, white papers, brochures, leaflets, videos and screenshots. They will have the opportunity to gather the content they need to send to their leads in a few seconds.

9. Provide a space for staff to share company event assets

Offer a space where your colleagues can centralize and share photos and videos from their office events: they can view the pictures or footage and exchange comments!

10. Centralize intelligence material

Create an intelligence repository in your DAM for your colleagues to centralize all the documents and assets they collect when looking for competitive or technology intelligence. By mutualizing these resources, you provide a useful knowledge base on your competitors or business segment.

11. Manage asset validations or asset production projets

Create Kanban boards to organize asset productions or validations. In a few clicks, create a collaborative and confidential space. Define each steps or categorize your content in the board columns!

12. Create a mini Intranet

If you work for an SME, your HR department may not have the means to provide an Intranet website. Your DAM can help by giving each service an area where they can share key documents to the rest of the company.

Make your DAM the indispensable tool of your organization

All these ways to use your DAM will encourage everyone to use it and see it as THE indispensable tool of your company. They will also be more enclined to centralize the content they produce there.

Once you have implemented these ideas, you can measure if your actions have paid off with the DAM statictics.

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