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Passport to a multilingual DAM

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April 6, 2018
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With a collaborative team consisting of people of different nationalities,and partners and clients operating from all over the world, it's importantthat your tools adapt to your work environment and take into account the international stakes of your commercial activity. Your Digital AssetManagement solution is no exception!

But while creating, adding and sharing your media requires a multilingualinterface, that's only just the tip of the iceberg. Implementing amultilingual DAM implies adapting the technical components of your softwareas well as having a team equipped with the specific skill set to guide you.

What are the pre-requirements, the challenges and the key factors for thesuccess of a multilingual project?

Display, index and carry out automatic searches in different languages

The ability to display media in different languages is without a doubt indispensable. Available in 5 languages, the Back Office and user portalinterfaces can be displayed in French, English, German, Spanish andItalian.

Moreover, the interfaces can adapt automatically to the user language in anSSO authentication, a functionality that's been available since version4.9.0. This attractive feature encourages the adoption and daily use of theDAM by contributors and users!

The success of a multilingual DAM however depends on the automatic management of the languages in its dictionary.

No need to waste time duplicating your content to then index them indifferent languages


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