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Customize Keepeek to your image with the brand new 4.06 release

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October 22, 2016
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Personnalisation de Keepeek

Keepeek customization[/caption]

Main features

My Workflow templates

Rather than creating numerous identical workflows from scratch every time, you can now create templates. Once created, the same workflow can be used again and again, for all your projects and items, following a pattern of collaborative actions.

My Color stickers

Basket use inside Keepeek usually implies collaborative processes specific to a particular project or user group. It was therefore necessary to enable users to customize color stickers according to their temporary needs. The new Keepeek release provides you with the opportunity to specify and remove your own stickers in a basket.

My Widgets

Customizing the Keepeek homepage is a productivity requirement. you can access swiftly and efficiently the information you need through the provided widgets, just like a dashboard. This new release provides you with two brand new widgets. The workflow widget warns you, at a glance, and for all workflows in which you take part, of all the steps that require your action. The most seen items widget is useful to measure your items success on the user portal. It displays a decreasing order of the most consulted items. You can adapt your communication or your items accordingly, taking into account whether the ranking reflects or not your expectations in terms of strategy.

My Deduplication

Keepeek now provides its users with powerful deduplication features with automatic duplicate identification during file upload. Deduplication is based on the very digital print of media files, taking into account the distinction between different items which may however have the same name.


Zip details

When managing zip files in Keepeek, you no longer have to open your file locally to view the archive content, it is now displayed on the media sheet as a file list.

Mass data sheet creation

With this latest release, you can now specify the number of blank items you wish to create. Creating blank items is useful to get all the data ready before uploading the media files, to report and describe items which may not be accessible from the application, or even to define data files (aka unstructured files) for usage in other applications inside your work environment.

Thesaurus extraction

Values from each micro-thesaurus can now be extracted in a CSV file with Keepeek V 4.0.6.

Likes/dislikes feature

You could already favor or disfavor an item in a basket or workflow using the ‘like’ and ‘dislike’ buttons directly from the basket/workflow content page. You can now also do it from the item details page.

Folder search

When using the Keepeek search engine, you can now distinguish folder tree terms from the other search suggestions.



Following up on its steady and committed approach to secure its environment, Keepeek has updated its password encryption method, to comply with the SHA-256 standards.


Keepeek continually expands its interoperability and integration offer. It is now possible to retrieve the Keepeek users authorization information in the API, and therefore use it outside the user portal, in another application.


  • Adding a value in a thesaurus field under Google Chrome has been fixed
  • Patches on the search result limitation to 10 000 results
  • Removal of the last label on an item is now correctly handled by the search engine
  • In list mode, values from drop-down lists are now displayed appropriately
  • Unintended disconnection notification deactivation
  • Watermark colors fix
  • Inclusion of fields weight in the item type search results
  • Inclusion of the latest file version of an item when it is duplicated
  • Deleted mandatory fields are no longer taken into account in the status modification control
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