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New v4.19.0 : Keepeek is here to boost your productivity!

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December 5, 2018
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Autumn has arrived, the days are getting shorter and motivation has gone into hibernation. Fortunately, Keepeek is here to boost your productivity!Animated previews of GIFs, the use of a PDF as the cover image for media, the indication of the presence of sub-levels in the folder plan and thesauri... So many features that will save you a lot of time!In addition, Keepeek takes your rights and those of your users seriously. In accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we continue to make improvements to ensure that these rights are respected.In November, we are setting up the request for permission to collect information from users.🗓All these new functionalities are available to you in version 4.19.0, released on the cloud since November23.

1/💥 NEW 💥 Animated previews of GIFs

Have your DAM do a little extra by using it to view your animated GIFs.You no longer need to download the file to check the animation before using it. Consult the animation in preview modeor even from the summary available in the item list of your choice (folder, basket, upload wall, etc).

2/💥 NEW 💥 Distinction of sub-levels in your tree structures

When you structure your folder tree or thesaurus, or when you use them to index your items, you can now know at first glance if a folder has sub-folders or if a term has sub-terms.Say goodbye to the frustration of having clicked on a node only to see that there is nothing below it. Improve readability and speed!

3/💥 NEW 💥 Customise the cover image of an item using a PDF

Do you store .zip files in Keepeek? You might have already had to use the cover image replacement feature available in the "Edit" menu of an item's preview.Have you ever wanted to represent your .zip file using a PDF? Up until now, you had to create an image from the cover of your document to obtain the desired illustration...Now, save time and take advantage of the fact that your PDFs can be used to generate a cover image!

4/💥 NEW💥 Brand new widgets

In November, there will be not one, but two new widgets offered in order to facilitate the monitoring of your content!The first presents the most recently archived media. In addition to the expiration alert that you receive by email, it allows you to simply view the items whose permissions you wish to review or which you would like to replace with a more recent version.The second highlights new folders added to the folder tree. Quickly discover new categories created so you can view their content.

5 /⚡️ IMPROVED ⚡️ Adjusting of the dates in workflow steps

Who hasn't experienced setbacks in their project schedule?We have added the possibility to update the due date when moving to the next step in a workflow. Not so fast, this privilege is reserved for the owner of the workflow.

6/💥 NEW 💥 User portals - Customisation and even more productivity

Changing the name of a basket:Is there a typo in the name of your basket? You are now allowed to edit it.Customisation of technical information in the media preview:“I need the company logo in CMYK... Let's see... Oh, darn! There are 3 versions of the logo! But which one has the right colorimetry? Well... Let's download them all, we'll see... What a waste of time...”Does this sound familiar? The technical information made available to your users in the portal becomes a bit more accessible. Format, size, original file name, creation date, file type, dimensions, resolution, colorimetry, duration, number of pages, you just have to choose the technical information most useful to your users.Creating a direct link to social networks:Are you in the habit of sharing links on social networks? Keepeek is enhancing its sharing tool, an essential part of the promotion of your communities, by adding the direct link to the preview of the item consulted.Controling the expiry dates of baskets:How quickly one can lose focus... What a shame it is to share a basket with collaborators only to end up filling in an expiry date that has already passed. Keepeek is now making things easier for you by adding a validity check on the expiry date entered for the basket. Say goodbye to foolishly inaccessible baskets!

7/💥 NEW 💥 GDPR - Permission to collect information

Keepeek is making its privacy policy concerning data available to all its users. When a user first logs in, they are invited to read and accept it in order to access the application.In accordance with the regulation, your users can now choose to delete their account and any associated personal data.This permission request has also been added to the user portals.


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