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News about the 4.44 Keepeek release

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August 13, 2020
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Developments for the 4.44 release focused on the platform security and sustainability. Discover what is in store this month!

New version of the search engine

Keepeek has been using the Elasticsearch search engine since the launch of the Keepeek V4 in 2016. Renowned for its performances, scalability and resilience, Elasticsearch is the most popular enterprise search engine in the world. To take advantage of the latest evolutions, Keepeek is going to update its version of Elasticsearch and provide all its SaaS clients with Elasticsearch 7.

This update will also give users the opportunity to make cross-referenced searches: when you type several terms in a free search, the system provides all the assets for which the terms are present in the fields, even if each term is in a different fields from the others. This behaviour was no longer possible in Elasticsearch 6, as all terms had to be in the same field for assets to be included in the search results.

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