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New v4.23.0 : Your processes are always more fluid with Keepeek

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April 19, 2019
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The winter holidays are over, and we can only imagine how much you miss the exhilaration of speeding down the snow-covered slopes! Schuss right into Keepeek version 4.23.0!

Even more criteria in the advanced search, better understanding of search results, additional information on your files, automatic video playback, media editing directly available from the User Portals... Everything runs more smoothly with Keepeek!

🗓 All these new functionalities are available to you in version 4.23.0, released on the cloud on March 19.

1/💥 NEW 💥 Highlighting of terms searched

“But why is this media file appearing in the search results?”This is a question you've no doubt already asked yourself... To help you figure this out, Keepeek will highlight the terms you are looking for in the information sheet of the suggested media file.

2/💥 NEW 💥 Access to embedded metadata

Embedded metadata, information (usually technical) hidden within the files... Metadata are not always recovered in your media sheets during the upload. That is why you sometimes need to consult them to ensure, for example, that the data recovery is configured correctly. You can now find them in the Preview tab of your media file's detail at the end of the section entitled “The File”.

3/💥 NEW 💥 Integration of Labels in the Advanced Search

Labels are useful for highlighting certain information about your media, whether it's in search results or in the preview. A colourful and visual piece of information, they easily catch the attention of your users. You've been able to search for them using filters and custom navigation, now find them featured as a new advanced search criterion!

4/💥 NEW 💥 Automatic video playback

Clicking the play button in order to start your video is so 2.0... Enjoy automatic playback of your videos upon opening the preview and save maximum time!  


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