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New v4.24.0 : Highlight your marketing campaigns and your news

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April 25, 2019
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Spotlight on your Back-Office! In April, Keepeek is giving you the opportunity to welcome your users with your media highlights. Ideal for highlighting your marketing campaigns and your news, our new widget allows you to display your selection in a dedicated gallery on the homepage of your DAM platform.

🗓 This widget and all the new functionalities are available to you on Keepeek v4.24.0, released on the cloud on April 16.

1/ 💥 NEW 💥 "Current selection" Widget

Administrators, rest assured that you users will not be missing out on your most important assets.

Welcome them by displaying the current selection of must-see media on the homepage of your Administrative Back Office.

2/ 💥 NEW 💥 Batch Keyword Replacement

Batch processing is an essential tool for the Keepeek editor. So, we are adding yet another functionality by offering a new operator which will allow you to do a mass replacement of one term with another.

3/ And even more improvements on your platform, such as speed-up in search times and in access to statistics.


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