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Remix your metrics!

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April 26, 2018
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How can one know if a tool is useful? Simple question... simple answer! Just by checking whether people use it or not!

The Keepeek statistics module provides essential features for tracking user activity, from connections to downloads, as well as the relevance of your metadata.

The interface, comprehensive and intuitive has been specially designed to publish visual reports.

A true toolkit, the Keepeek statistics module offers ways to monitor:

  • 📈 Activity on your platform: statistics on uploads, views and downloads of your media
  • 📈 Searches performed by your users: number of searches, search results, which search modes are favored by users, searches which provided no results, which folders prove unnecessary, etc.
  • 📈 User group activity: filter statistics based on user groups: who is interested in what on the platform?
  • 📈 The relevance of your content: search results (how many assets for searches?), number of videos played and playback time (How many users stop the viewing before the end?)
  • 📈 The reach of your media on the Internet and on social networks: number of views and downloads from third-party sites, number of views and shares on social networks

For integration into your presentations or for sharing your KPIs, all statistics can be displayed, exported or printed to PDF.

Do you need help getting started? Our DAM consultants can set up a workshop to show you how to get the best out of the numbers! Get in touch with us to know more!

Photo credits : Nicole De Khors


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