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News about the 4.50 Keepeek release

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December 18, 2020
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Customisable video embed sharing code

It is now possible to modify the structure of the video sharing code so that it follows a different template from the default one. This new setting gives you the opportunity to define specific dimensions, guaranteeing a display adapted to an iframe, for example. This setting must be done by Keepeek, please get in touch with us using the support form to set this up.

Administration interface patches

- Issue when updating thesaurus fields: in some cases, depending on the order in which the terms of a thesaurus in the same tree structure are selected, not all the values were displayed for selection. All corresponding values are now displayed in the auto-completion.

- Csv extract of video statistics: extracting the video tab used to extract both consultation and playback hits. We now only have the playback hits counted in the csv extract.

- Empty csv report: when a csv export was requested with a field that had been deleted in the meantime, the csv report generated an empty file. Keepeek added a robustness to the csv export in case the field associated to a column was deleted. In addition, when a field is deleted from the field administration, it is now also deleted from all csv reports in which it was present.

User portal patches

- The advanced search misinterpreted the "enter" key when filling the form: we deactivated the enter key on the text fields because it could cause the page to refresh.

- Issue regarding filters for values containing the '+' character: values containing symbols such as '+' were not correctly taken into account when filtering, resulting in a lack of search results. This has now been fixed.

Update date

The new version will be available on the Cloud from Wednesday, December 23rd.


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