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New v4.26.0 : Use your media metadata

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June 19, 2019
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Discover the new features of Keepeek v4.26

Facilitating searches by your users, enhancing your media and maximising their use and reuse are only some of the reasons why visibility is essential in Digital Asset Management. This is true not only for your media but also their metadata. It is within this context that a new View Mode has been added to your tool which highlights the metadata of your media thereby simplifying their comparison. This display, available in the search results, baskets and other media list display screens of your tool, is accompanied by other improvements to the viewing of your files.

🗓 The Grid View and all these new functionalities are available to you on Keepeek v4.26.0, released on the cloud on June 11.

1/ 💥 NEW 💥 Grid view

Viewing the indexing information of a media file and comparing it with other media is now child's play with Keepek's new Grid View.

As an administrator, configure the information to be displayed by default and then leave each of your users to customise their own grid to meet their particular needs.

2/ 💥 NEW 💥 Increased zoom in geolocation

Displaying media on a map in relation to their shooting location is a very useful search method. But when the places are particularly close to each other, it becomes difficult to access all the groupings. That's why we've increased the maximum zoom on maps in Keepeek. You can view the shooting locations of your photos and videos with more accuracy than ever before.

3/ ⚡️ OPTIMISED ⚡️ User portal - Video player accessibility for keyboard use

Some users prefer using their mouse to surf the internet and others are more comfortable using their keyboard. In order to meet everyone's expectations, Keepeek is taking a step towards accessibility on its user portals by allowing the use of its video player entirely through keyboard access.

4/ 💥 NEW 💥 User portal - Display of categories under thumbnails

You were already able to access the category of a media file from its View Mode on your user portal. This feature allows you to easily find other media of the same type as the one you are searching for once the search result has been obtained. We are offering you the possibility to now view this information directly from the media lists. You can now cut down on the number of clicks to find more quickly than ever before media from the same category.

5/ 💥 NEW 💥 User Portal - Display empty categories on the homepage... or not!

Would you like to carefully prepare some categories in advance and for them to remain hidden while there is nothing to publish?From now on, you can choose whether the empty categories are displayed on your portal's homepage or not for some users.

6/ 💥 NEW 💥 API - Even more information available

With each new version, Keepeek's API is being developed giving you even more possibilities. Use it to retrieve information from users who have uploaded or edited media. Or even to consult media from the Recycle bin. And finally, switch languages without having to reconnect...


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