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Pictéo: the Caisse des Dépôts image bank

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May 16, 2013
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picteo the caisse des depots image bank

For several months, the Caisse des Dépôts Group has entrusted Keepeek with the hosting of its iconographic heritage. The main objective is to allow the different entities within the Group to be autonomous in terms of search options, consultation and downloading digital photographic resources, videos and other documents. The Group consists of more than 130,000 employees based across a total of 15 affiliate offices. In a company of this size, photographic data is significantly rich in terms of themes and visuals (estimated at more than 200,000 images).

management of caisse des depots photo library

Challenge 1: allow the classification and description of data to perfectly illustrate the services and activities offered by the Group.

This involves entities responsible for public savings management, strategic investments, regional development, civil service retirement management, banking operations, real estate management etc.→The dual filing and thesaurus system from Keepeek brought a key response perfectly adapted to these constraints.

Challenge 2: address a varied population of users in high demand.

This involves collaborators within the field of communication (in public establishment management, regions, and subsidiaries) who are responsible for producing documents, often within very short deadlines: from institutional brochures and websites, to stand literature and invitations. They work throughout France. The app needs to be both simple and intuitive. It is vital that it be adopted with enthusiasm by users and without the need for prior training.→Recognized for its simplicity, the Keepeek solution naturally responds to these needs and expectations.

Challenge 3: respect security standard within the Group while ensuring swift implementation.

The Caisse des Dépôts Group has chosen to work with the Keepeek Cloud version. This technical solution has allowed for rapid installation of this project, only a few weeks following its launch. In order to ensure a certain level of protection, and with a view to avoiding any possible malicious intent, the IT service completed a security audit of the Keepeek Cloud with Ernst &


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