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New in the 4.40 Keepeek release

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May 24, 2020
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Searching and indexing: Keepeek reinforces these two essential DAM features!

Search and filter within baskets

Find your usual search features within the baskets! Easily access assets you need within a basket using the text search and autocompletion. Use the filters to limit results depending on the asset status, asset type, label or field value.

In addition, you may filter your basket content to isolate assets which have or have not been filed. Discover it in the status filter!

Batch process on formatted text fields

The formatted text fields provide the opportunity to create rich texts (with paragraphs, underlined, bold or italic texts, as well as hyperlinks, bullets, etc.). This field type did not previously qualify for batch processing. However, it is now the case: you can modify this field type by batch!

Replace by batch a character string wherever it might be in a text field

With this new batch processing option, you may replace a character string inside a text field with no impact on the rest of the text.

For example, five different captions include someone's name. This name was accidently misspelled. You may, from Wednesday, correct it on all captions in one single operation, without altering the rest of the captions.

You may even decide beforehand whether the modification should be case sensitive or not: if it is, the character string to replace will have to be exactly spelled as indicated in the cell.

Update date

The new release will be available on the Cloud from Wednesday, May 27!


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