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News about the 4.64 Keepeek release

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October 7, 2021
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Our developers worked on an upgrade of the Drupal plugin, evolutions in the API, a new permalink option to specific search results and optimizations on the automatic saving following user feedback. Several minor bugs have also been fixed in this release!

Keepeek plugin for Drupal

Drupal plugin compliance with Drupal 9 version

The Keepeek plugin is now compatible with Drupal version 9. If you want to license and install the Keepeek plugin for Drupal, please contact your account manager.

Login via SSO

The Keepeek for Drupal plugin now allows connections via SSO (enterprise directories).

Direct access to a search result via a predictive url

It is possible to create links to search results by building the url to isolate specific assets. This feature allows you to create a link to a very specific search result such as a product reference (for example, I'm in my PIM and I want to integrate a link to all assets of a specific product, based on its product reference).
The implementation of this feature requires a particular syntax, please contact us at csm@keepeek.com to get support from a member of Keepeek.

API evolutions

Exposure of download links for Azure attachments

Our Azure plugin makes it possible to attach files to a specific asset. The API now allows to generate a download link valid for 15 days by default.

Ability to increase the download limit to 500

It is now possible to download up to 500 assets at a time via the API (Please note that this setting requires prior technical approval).

Changes in automatic saving

The automatic and multilingual saving choices can now be kept from one session to the next (setting in the user preferences). It is also possible to choose the default value for all users (automatic saving activated or deactivated).

Keepeek version display

Administrators can now view the version of Keepeek they are currently using in the 'Settings': 'Customization' section.

Subscribe to Keepeek newsletters

Contributors and administrators can now access, from the administration interface, the Keepeek newsletters subscription page, to define more precisely which communications they wish to receive: tips, version information, webinars and incidents on the platform.

Corrections in the administration interface

Error during mass upload

Reinforcements have been made on the mass upload of small files, which could leave in error.

Clickable links in emails

In Outlook, some links included in Keepeek notifications were not active, this is now the case.

Untimely notifications in boards

The tables module sometimes sent activity notification emails that did not include any recent activity. This problem has been fixed.

404 error on permalink when versioning an image

A reinforcement of permalinks management when replacing assets has been done to solve a 404 error.

Refreshing problem in the thesaurus

A correction has been made to solve a display problem when adding a thesaurus term when the counters were deactivated.

Inconsistent display order of sub-statuses

A problem with the reordering of sub-statuses has been corrected.

Error when adding a comment in workflows

An Oops error when displaying comments has been solved.

MIME type control on upload

The security when uploading an asset in Keepeek has been reinforced with a MIME type control.

Problem displaying the counter of the number of sequences

A display bug on the sequence counters of a video has been fixed. It only occurred when the number of sequences was above 100.

Display bug on the video chapters pane

A display problem occurring when expanding the chapter pane of a video has been fixed.

Update date

The new version will be available on the Cloud from Wednesday October 13th, 2021.


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