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News about the 4.61 Keepeek release

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August 5, 2021
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Alert users: new options

Until now, the 'Alert users' feature gave you the opportunity to notify users who had downloaded, distributed and/or modified an asset (e.g.: end of rights, new replacement file, etc.).

This feature now provides a new possibility: to inform users who have not yet accessed an asset, by sending batch notifications (specific users and/or entire groups). This can be useful to notify that a new asset of interest has been made available.

For example, I put a media kit online for the launch of a new product. I can make sure that all users in the 'marketing teams' group receive an email notification to inform them and guide them directly to the asset. To avoid sending unnecessary emails, they will not receive a notification if they have already viewed the content.

Customize status colors

Until now, the status color code was limited to three colors: gray for draft statuses, green for published statuses or orange for archived statuses. From version 4.61 onwards, it is possible to customize the status color to better distinguish between the various statuses of the same set.  


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