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News about the 4.62 Keepeek release

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August 25, 2021
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Allow all managers to manage a user group

Until now, a user from a manager-type group could only assign a user to a group that was under their responsibility. Now, they will also be able to assign a user to other groups when given the rights. A new option is available at the group level to allow or deny any manager-type user the right to include users in the group.

This is for example useful for managers of specific entities who want to include users in a group common to all entities.

API corrections

Management of mandatory fields on draft assets

It was not possible to save the data entry of an asset in draft status when all mandatory fields were not filled in. This was not correct: an asset in draft status does not need to have all its mandatory fields filled in. this issue has been fixed.

Better filtering of metadata embedded in an asset

It is now possible to exclude empty fields from an API call or to include them. Until now, some empty fields were included while others were not. The behavior of all fields is now standardized, with both options available.

A rights issue in automatic reconnection

When automatically reconnecting to the API, the system failed to correctly assess the user rights, leading to fields being unavailable. This has been fixed.

Administration interface fixes

Issues in social media sharing

Several fixes related to sharing assets on social networks will be deployed in this version:

- The public sharing link to social networks for an item did not maintain the options chosen on the sharing settings interface.

- Sharing to Viadeo is no longer possible (a Viadeo initiative), therefore the sharing option has been removed.

- The LinkedIn sharing link available from the video player has been fixed.

- The public sharing link of an item or a basket to Twitter has been fixed also.

- When adding a new YouTube channel, Keepeek requests YouTube to retrieve the user's channel. This channel must belong to the user. If this is not the case, or if the user does not have a YouTube channel, the error message was not explicit enough ("Oops an error has occurred"). The message is now clearer: "Error detected: no channel found for this account."

Font discrepancy in video playlists

Playlist video titles were not using the same font as the main video title. The font has been standardized to be the same for all videos.

Javascript library upgrade

Three JavaScript libraries have been updated to prevent security holes.

Issues regarding duplicate searches

Searches launched in the duplicate 


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