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Hundreds of vampires on the Keepeek API

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November 21, 2019
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The Cinematheque Française has been using Keepeek since 2015 to manage images for their exhibition projects. Discover how these assets are linked to the exhibition project management solution through the API.

Keepeek at the Cinematheque Française

Essential tool for 180 internal users, Keepeek is used at the Cinematheque to manage all event assets, as well as content linked to the Museum, exhibitions, retrospectives and screenings.

Exhibition project management at the Cinematheque

«Vampires, from Dracula to Buffy» is the current exhibition at the Cinematheque. It displays several hundreds of works of art: films, engravings, artefacts, photos, etc. Just like the previous exhibitions, it has required an extensive work to gather and organize a lot of information regarding the works of art, with all their corresponding legal and logistic issues.

The main challenge for the Cinémathèque was the following:

How to link and organize all this data, and hundred of images, while avoiding a labyrinthine system?

The Cinematheque chose to keep two solutions: Keepeek for the digital assets, and Tiger, a solution developed internally by the ISD to manage exhibition projects. Each tool provides essential features for the teams setting up the exhibitions.

All information about the exhibition is centralized in Tiger. It provides a dynamic table listing all data about each work of art present in the exhibition. When one rolls over a piece of art, its representative image is displayed on the fly. Yet no image is stored in Tiger. All images come from Keepeek through the API ! The exibition design is made easier, while the loading time of the table remains optimal.

The ISD also developed a Pinterest like display: thumbnail images from Keepeek are loaded progressively as one scrolls the page, for each section of the exhibition. Under each image, information about the art, from Tiger, is displayed, and a button gives the opportunity to add the work of art to the exhibition catalogue.

Specific repositories and up-to-date data everywhere

Integration does not stop there. From Tiger, it is possible to upload an image: it will be displayed but not stored in Tiger: it will be automatically transfered in Keepeek, along with the data about the corresponding work of art. No duplication! Keepeek remains the only repository for all images. Tiger, on its side, is the only repository for the data. When the data is modified or enriched in Tiger, a night job updates the data in Keepeek automatically: the teams are only required to fill the information once.

Sensational exhibitions!

This way, users can enjoy two powerful solutions, each in their field. They communicate efficiently to offer consolidated content 


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