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The new 3.7.7 version of Keepeek has been successfully deployed

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July 26, 2014
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the new 377 version of keepeek has been successfully deployed

The new version of Keepeek 360 was deployed on Friday, July 25, 2014 on Cloud Keepeek. Discover features and patches for the new version.

Search by reference list

Run a search on a field from a list of references. Find in a few seconds all the results associated with this search list. You are also informed of references giving no result.

Creation of autonomous media from a video sequence

Easily create a new media from a video sequence. It has its own informative notice as well as all the features of sharing and distribution.

Cover photo of a video

You want to replace the thumbnail illustrating a video? Keepeek now offers to choose from a mosaic of thumbnails directly from the video.

Viewing video sequences on the distribution site

Access video sequences directly into the detail of a media on your distribution site


  • Activation of the buttons "Publish media" and "Batch" in the media selection in imports for a display in list mode.
  • Indexing faces runs on Internet Explorer 9.
  • Correct display of suggestions field values in the detail of a media with Internet Explorer 9.
  • For a multi-language instance, in the detail, display of the labels of the fields of the INFORMATION tab in the language of the tab.
  • For a multi-language instance, the choice of language at the time of connection applies to the interface and data.
  • Notification of a download failure.
  • Better control of incorrect GPS fields during import.
  • Adding controls on entering dates in search forms.
  • When copying / pasting an indexation, mandatory fields can no longer be emptied if the status of the media does not allow it.
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