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The French Ministry of Sports and Keepeek Digital Asset Management

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September 16, 2013
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the french ministry of sports and keepeek digital asset management

Following the recent success at the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Health in France, the Ministry of Sports has now decided to implement the Keepeek 360° DAM solution, with the aim of developing a much more robust image database which is set to include the totality of its visuals assets.

The images available within the Department consist of very wide range of different photographs:

  • The Minister – trips, interventions, etc.
  • Youth and educational based activities,
  • Sporting events,
  • Institutional visuals: logos, graphics, etc.

  • The full HTML5 mode from Keepeek allows all users of the imaging system to view or contribute to the fund at any given moment. This advantage is of particular use when it comes to travel and external reports etc.

    Keepeek and the Ministry – step-by-step Documentary supervision was initially given to the ministry: this meant assisting the Ministry in designing classification schemes, thesaurus bases and image descriptions. Secondly, Keepeek remained present as the system was sent out to the servers and all parameters were set. The Keepeek app was placed on the servers and then set to comply with all existing standards at the Ministry.Finally, Keepeek proceeded with the integration of existing files, allowing users to start using the system in the right conditions and to manage their photo data base with greater ease. A customized broadcasting site was also developed, allowing many employees to search for images without having to partake in any prior training.


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