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The City of Lorient and its photo library: an ambitious project!

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November 24, 2012
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The city of Lorient and its photo library an ambitious project

The photographic library of Lorient uses Keepeek software to bring together the entire collection of the images of all city services. When users first requested the implementation of a photo management system within the communication department, the IT department came up with a rather original idea: why limit the photo library to the communication department alone? Why not combine all images from across all city services? This was no easy task: each service has its own mode of operation, habits, needs and constraints. The project was indeed ambitious.

A cross-departmental library

The project is now taking shape rapidly. All services are involved: communication, technical services, archives, cultural services... The first objective is to gather all data into a straightforward and powerful management tool. All employees must be able to use the new media database without first having to participate in prior training.

We must of course harmonize classification and organization modes. The main principles and correct practices should be adhered to by all. However, in order to ensure the support of all in a project of this size, we must be able to offer autonomous spaces in which each department can be free in terms of its own daily management. The meeting point between autonomy and uniformity is at the heart of current discussions.

The Keepeek library software has proven its effectiveness. Management via folders and subfolders is a perfect solution in terms of recognizing and allowing the autonomy of each department. With astute management of rights, users can organize images independently of others.

Keepeek photo library for Lorient city

Rollovers between departments

The ambition behind this project does not stop there. What about photo sharing between departments? A photo of the foundations of a new nursery could very well interest the communication department for the purposes of illustrating the inauguration of the building. A picture taken by a photographer in the communication department could be donated to the archive to ensure continuity throughout departments. Shared spaces within Keepeek can ensure that dialogue is continual throughout the city’s services. With a simple drag and drop of an image, data can be viewed by everyone.

Standardization of uses, documentary language: the objective for a project of this scale. The strong support of all services enables information sharing. The flexibility of the Keepeek tool allows everyone to have a space in which they can be freely creative on a daily basis.

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This major venture illustrates the ability of Keepeek to conduct large scale documentary projects. Our expertise in terms of project management and iconographic consulting complement our abilities in terms of technical expertise and software development.Do you want to learn more about how the city of Lorient has managed its media organization with Keepeek?Would you like to see more of this particular case study?Please go ahead and contact us – we are more than happy to share our experiences with you!


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