The new version 3.7.13 of Keepeek has arrived

April 7, 2015
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the new version 3713 of keepeek has arrived

Why wait? Take a look at the new functions available in this spring’s latest version of our digital asset management software. This update is now available from our CLOUD.

The arrival of metric indexing

It is not always possible to monitor the progress of asset indexing. Have all fields been completed? Which media remains to be indexed? In which media content have my fields been completed? How much work remains to be completed? The advanced search tool from Keepeek now allows you to know what fields have been completed (or left empty) in any given media content.

Multi-lingual improvements

Some time ago, Keepeek developed its editing functions in order to facilitate multi-lingual media library management. Automatic copy mechanisms have been put in place in order to assist indexation tasks in all languages available to your users. This system is particularly advantageous in the case of decentralized management, where data translation is not immediate. Given the amount of positive feedback received from users, we took the decision to augment this mechanism with the addition of batch processing.

Implementation of a responsive user portal

The new Keepeek web responsive portal

In order to offer users an optimal consultation of your assets, Keepeek now boasts a new responsive web design (RWD) portal. This tool facilitates navigation and content readability by adapting to a wide range of devices: screens, PCs, smartphones, tablets, large screens... These latest generation portals allow you to liberate your multimedia content at any given moment and for all your users. Whether this means a sales representative who travels widely, a communication manager with a big-screen presentation or a stock manager who needs to monitor products directly in the factory, everyone who uses a Keepeek responsive portal can benefit from improved content display on his/her professional work tools.

Image editing evolution

The image editing module continues to evolve. It now boasts its own dedicated downloading interface. After retouching a photo, it is now possible to download the content or file it directly on the FTP server.

The API is in progress on a continual basis

A content search allows you to select the information you need for each piece of returned media: request to display content of a basket, a file or even a keyword of a thesaurus - allowing you to define the fields to be returned. Exports have also evolved and you can now recuperate files unitarily. However, export volume limitations implemented in the back office have been moved into the API. These limitations have been set to avoid bottlenecks in the flow of file transfers. File creation dates, for media imports and updates, have been refined. In addition to the day, month and year, we have now added a format which includes the hour, minute and second. This means you can obtain a more precise account when sorting through media. Finally, our API documentation has been enriched with new functions and examples, in particular as far as PHP use is concerned and the language used to return data.


  • Correction - document scroll display in permalinks.
  • Implementation of the maximum media stock display in FTP imports (with adapted error message).
  • Addition of an obligatory input value in PDF contact sheet columns.
  • Improvement of duplicate window stability.
  • Correction - email basket share display in Outlook.
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