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Version 3.7.9 more agile than ever!

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October 11, 2014
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version 379 more agile than ever

Keepeek guarantees new functions every month! We have a very agile approach, which means you can take advantage of all the corrections, improvements and innovations of our Digital Asset Management software. On the program this October, discover some significant improvements made to the video sequencing function, excel file and image integration and our new API Restful. Why wait! Take a look at the changes now!

Video sequencing: improved precision

Video sequencing precision has been significantly improved with our latest version. The cut/paste option can be completed in mere seconds! The playback bar has been separated from the video reader. This is now available below (at any given time) in order to view the video in its entirety. The playback cursor has also been optimized so that it no longer interferes with the video. It replays directly from where you want it to - meaning navigation flows more easily.

On demand multi-language function

You photo library is available in several languages, but you only want to display one or two language options? From the language account list of preferences, you can select the languages you want to appear in the media details.

Broadcast site ergonomics *

Discover the new and improved responsive slider which can adapt perfectly to all screen size resolutions. It can also be adapted to a variety of images (portrait, landscape, panoramic) in order to maximize the amount of information displayed in any given circumstance. The new display features for result lists show your images in a better light. The detail has also been redesigned in order to allow more space for visuals. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with your account contact should you wish to receive a demonstration of our new generation broadcasting site.

Excel exports and images

With a view to completing data exports in CSV format, Keepeek can now offer Excel (XLSX) format. This new format opens more easily with Excel. It now allows for thumbnail images to be integrated on each line. These illustrated Excel files have often been requested - they are essential when it comes to verifying data and exchanging lists of visuals with third parties. They are easy to print off via Excel. This function is guaranteed to be very much appreciated by users of product photo libraries. Please contact us to learn more about the implementation conditions of these new export features.

New API version

We have all been waiting for this for a while! And here it is at last! The new version of Keepeek API 100% RESTFUL! The objective of this mechanism is to integrate Keepeek with your websites and e-commerce sites whilst maintaining the market standard. This latest version assures all must-have features: identification, file navigation, media content detail consultation etc. You can now contact our technical team to receive your access codes and test out the new and improved API Keepeek!


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