Quable is the PIM & DAM product information management solution for brands, manufacturers and retailers seeking growth.

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The PIM & DAM solution that powers your omnichannel sales

Quable is the PIM & DAM product information management solution for brands, manufacturers and retailers seeking growth. Its plug & play installation allows them to boost their omnichannel performance in record time. Quable PIM is the central tool for marketing/e-commerce/digital departments to enrich, collaborate and automate the distribution of product information to web, mobile, marketplaces, print and shop channels. Quable's SaaS PIM stands out for its ease of adoption, its unique UX design, its scalability, its record deployment times and the power of its technological platform. Auchan, Berluti, Bioderma, Cooperl, Club Med, Delsey, Gemo, Tryba and more than 150 major brands across 50 countries have chosen Quable PIM to accelerate their business. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Description of the Quable PIM solution

Quable's SaaS PIM solution centralises and consolidates all your product information. The PIM benefits all the business teams that contribute to the management, enrichment and distribution of product information on all your sales channels. The solution stands out for its ease of adoption, unique UX design, scalability, record deployment times and powerful technology platform. Quable PIM is the collaborative solution that converges your work towards omnichannel excellence.


Integration references


A major player in the skincare industry, the Naos group, with its brands Bioderma, Esthederm and Etat pur, has equipped itself with Keepeek to manage its product and institutional media. The Keepeek DAM is connected to the Quable PIM and also offers a portal in the group's charter for the sharing and distribution of its media.

Club Med

In 2019, Club Med launched the Dream platform: a bilingual French/English DAM that centralises all of Club Med's images, videos, gifs, 360° videos and maps. Synchronised with the Quable PIM and all Club Med websites, the DAM is also connected to Stakla to automatically retrieve and manage media produced by Club Med customers after validation of their rights.


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