10 sure ways for a failed DAM project

May 2, 2018
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Here you go, Management has given the go-ahead for the implementation of a DAM solution! No worries though, there's still time to sabotage this wonderful project ... From the outset of the request to its deployment to users, discover all the ways to reduce the effectiveness of your platform to nothing.

During project definition :

1.Don't involve other services

This is YOUR project, for YOUR specific needs. You have the media, you know what's right for your DAM. It is therefore essential that it be kept separate from your ecosystem. It's not like its made to interface with your intranet or feed content to your e-commerce platform, for example?!

2.Get inspired by solutions for the general public

Youtube or Facebook features are clearly appropriate for managing corporate media. Why not use them then? After all, if it can do more it can also do less!

3.Don't standardise the format of your content

Each service has its own needs, each has its own specific formats. Don't waste time trying to get everyone to agree!

Is your DAM still running smoothly? All is not yet lost!

During the indexing of your media :

4.Let each person find the right keywords

Don't try to harmonise the vocabulary to use for indexing your media. Allow users to employ their own terms. Everyone has the right to their point of view!

5.Rely entirely on artificial intelligence

There's no longer any need to index content with keywords. Artificial intelligence can easily propose keywords from images. So much time saved!

6.Make a maximum of indexing fields mandatory

Here's a tip to prevent your collaborators, photographers or agencies from being able to easily deliver content: make a maximum of your media sheets indexing fields mandatory. This way, you can quickly discourage contributors who will then give up on using the DAM. Mission accomplished!

7.Copy as much of your content as possible without sorting it first

After all, the Cloud has scalability, so why not make use of it! It is therefore completely unnecessary to use the change of platform as an opportunity to sort your assets, delete duplicates or files for which the rights have expired. Your users will manage and they themselves will choose the most relevant content!

Has your DAM been deployed? Stay zen, you can still annihilate it!

During the implementation of the DAM:

8.Don't train your users

They will figure out best practices on their own and will put in place workflows adapted to their work habits.

9.Be a part of every validation process

Users must go through you to download HD files, or to add new content. That way, you're the one in control of the platform. Who cares if it slows down everything?

10.Let your DAM be!

You don't need anyone else to bring your DAM to life. It can function quite well on its own

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