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A cross-departmental photo library for the city of Vincennes

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December 17, 2013
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A cross departmental photo library for the city of Vincennes

The city of Vincennes now boasts a Keepeek photo library for all city departments. Spaces dedicated to each service allow the municipality to have autonomy when it comes to the management of their databases.

Vincennes, a bustling city...

The City of Vincennes offers a whole host activities and entertainment options to both citizens and visitors. This cultural wealth is illustrated through a very large number of events, which are all fantastic opportunities to take photographs. One of the missions of the Communication Service is to capture these incredible moments and share them with the community.

... And a historical center.

The famous castle has been solidly linked to urban development since the twelfth century. The cultural and urban heritage of the city is so heavily steeped in history. This rich history has now been immortalized and stored in digital files which consist of prints, drawings and other documents of historical significance.

A data convergence project

The aim of the proposed library is to bring together (within the same database) two very different types of media. This does not appear easy at first. The constraints and deadlines of the Communication department do not go hand-in-hand with the scientific accuracy of the Archives. Similarly, the vocabulary used to describe an event that took place in 2013 has little or nothing in common with historical or scholarly terminology used to describe a seventeenth century event...

The Keepeek solution is able to meet such requirements with ease. Its structure allows for filing plans for each service with considerable autonomy in terms of managing its own data. Managing distinct trees is the responsibility of the corresponding services.The multi-thesaurus by Keepeek also means it is possible to reconcile two entities. Firstly, there is a simple thesaurus for the Communication department containing the most current terms. In addition to this, there is a more comprehensive thesaurus for the Archives department. The latter comes from the Archives of France and was integrated into the media database by Keepeek.

Finally the rollover system allows the Communication department to offer the most relevant visuals to Archives. This handover is a critical step in the graphic chain.

The Keepeek team worked in conjunction with the CIO when implementing the technical platform. Keepeek also played an important role in the coordination and discussion process between the various entities involved in this venture.

In the near future, it is expected that new municipal services will make use of the database (roads, youth services etc. ...) and enrich it further still.


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