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[Exhibition] Keepeek is joining Unlock on Tour 2024 in Paris

April 9, 2024
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Keepeek, the French DAM leader, is joining the Unlock 2024 tour in Paris, alongside its partner Akeneo.

Unlock, the international product experience conference

For over 10 years, Unlock on Tour - the unique and premium Product Experience conference organized by Akeneo - has been hitting the road to bring together the entire PX community for inspiring talks and discussions.

In Boston, Cologne, London and Paris, Akeneo - expert in Product Information Management (PIM) - unveils its latest innovations. Show attendees will enjoy interactive keynotes to learn how to deliver exceptional product experiences, best practice presentations, technical and practical workshops, customer testimonials and live product information.

Unlock is an inclusive, enriching and friendly experience where every member of the Product community has a role to play in sharing their challenges, successes, learnings and achievements with the aim of delivering an ever richer, innovative and personalized customer experience.

Discover the agenda of the event.

Managing and adding value to product data thanks to the combination of PIM and DAM

The rise of e-commerce has turned product data and media management on its head. The major challenge for retailers is to be able to distribute reliable information to their digital distribution channels as quickly as possible.

To optimize product time-to-market, we need to simplify data collection, management, validation and distribution.

With this in mind, the PIM/DAM alliance has become the key to performance for e-commerce companies.

Product Information Management (PIM) software is a solution for collecting, managing and enhancing product information (technical data, usage data, descriptions, etc.) in a single repository, with the aim of creating a complete product catalogue and sharing it across the various sales channels.

A Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution is a collaborative application designed to centralize, organize and distribute all companies' multimedia content from a single and secure source.

By linking PIM and DAM, you can benefit from a global product vision and significantly optimize your digital strategy and performance thanks to :

  • Centralized product information management: while the PIM enables retailers to centralize all the information about their products (descriptions, specifications, prices, collections, categories, composition, colour, size, instructions, allergens, etc.), guaranteeing the consistency and accuracy of the data regardless of the sales channel used, the DAM stores and manages all the visual resources associated to the products (images, videos, audio files, instructions, 3D models, etc.) and the media rights. The connection between these 2 solutions ensures complete and centralized management of all the information and resources needed to market products, facilitating consistent distribution across all channels.

  • Guaranted data quality and consistency: both systems allow metadata to be managed. Metadata describes the characteristics and attributes of products and visual resources. By associating product metadata in the PIM with visual resource metadata in the DAM, teams can ensure that data is uniform and complete across all channels. It is also possible to synchronize updates between the PIM and the DAM (modification of price, description, composition, update of a visual, addition of a video, etc.). This ensures that all product information is up to date, avoiding errors or inconsistencies in presentations.

  • Optimization of operational processes: the combination of both solutions makes it possible to automate some operational processes, such as importing and standardizing product data, creating catalogues and updating visual resources. For example, a new product added to the PIM can automatically trigger the search and assignment of the corresponding visual resources stored in the DAM. This saves time and resources, reduces manual errors and speeds up time-to-market for new products or promotions.

  • Improved search and navigation: by using a DAM solution, companies can tag and organize their digital assets effectively, making it easier for customers to search and navigate the merchant site. Also, by integrating accurate product information through a PIM solution, retailers can implement advanced filters and search options to help customers quickly find the products that best match their needs.

By combining a PIM solution with a DAM solution, you can improve the management of your product information and multimedia content, guarantee the consistency and quality of your data, optimize your internal processes and offer your customers a better shopping experience, thereby boosting your sales performance.

Do you wish to boost your e-commerce strategy?

Come and meet us on 23 May and find out how Keepeek DAM optimizes the management of visual content, simplifies the collection of product images and automates the distribution of your media across all your sales channels.

Contact us now to get your exclusive invitation.

If you can't be there, ask for a personalized demonstration.

Discover Keepeek today!

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