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News about the 4.66 Keepeek release

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November 18, 2021
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Evolutions mainly in the API and several fixes.

New API features

Two features already available in the Keepeek application have been added to the API:

References not found in a list search

When a user performs a list search, it will now be possible to get the list of unfound references.

Search in an item selection

A search can now be restricted to be performed in a selection of items.

SSO login in the AEM plugin

Users of the AEM plugin will now be able to log in with their company credentials.

Technical changes

Security evolution

A version upgrade of a component (VideoJS library) has been done.

Performance evolution

An operation on our servers is planned to better distribute the processing of upload and download tasks, to permanently eliminate the problems of slowness during format generation.

Fixes in the administration interface

- The automatic deduplication feature was running unnecessarily when creating items without assets. This is no longer the case.

- The size of the automatic saving buttons on the media cards has been increased to make them more visible.

- An Oops error was fixed, which appeared in some cases of notifications on folders.

- We fixed a bug that prevented the creation of a candidate term in the thesaurus, from the editing tab, when an existing term ended with the same word.  


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