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News about the 4.48 Keepeek release

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November 6, 2020
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Please be aware that, exceptionally, the Keepeek update will occur on Thursday, November 12th, instead of the usual Tuesday. Discover without delay, the new features of this release.

Search for images or videos depending on dimension ranges

When looking for a well suited image with specific dimensions, the landcape/portrait filter was sometimes not enough. This is why a new option is available in the 'more options' menu to narrow the search to videos or images with minimal and maximal heights and lengths:

Administration interface patches

- Data mass modifications, contrary to batch processing, did not work properly when an incremental number was included in a field (the count would go back to 0 after the first 100 assets). This have now been fixed.

- The table mode in the administration interface displayed field options in the wrong language, this is no longer the case.

- In the advanced search, for auto completion of one or several words, terms starting with the typed characters now appear first, before terms only containing the typed characters.

- The deletion, by administrators, of baskets created by no longer valid users provoked error messages. Baskets can now be deleted properly.

- Some of the folder tree counters were still displayed even when the setting required for them not to appear. They are not displayed anymore when deactivated.

- Guest users could no longer add assets in the baskets shared with them with contribution rights. From the update, it will again be possible for them to upload content in the baskets.

User portal patches

- Direct access to a folder via URL did not take into account user preferences (display of subfolder content or not). This has now been included.

- An evolution of Chromium, used by several browsers including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge et Opera, let to a display bug regarding the 'OK' button in the portail search bar. All portals hosted by Keepeek have now been fixed.

Update date

Please note that exceptionally, the update will occur on Thursday (Nov 12) evening instead of the usual Tuesday. The new release will be available on the Cloud from Friday, November 13th!


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