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Android app: the mobile DAM by Keepeek!

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March 12, 2020
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After the iOS app for iPhone and iPad, Keepeek is now officially launching its very own Android app. Access Keepeek wherever you are! Enjoy the essential features of your Keepeek DAM on the mobile app for smartphones and tablets!

Upload photos taken with your phone onto Keepeek in seconds. You may also share content from your DAM with contacts by text, email, etc.

You can access your DAM content, search for specific assets, view them and read their data. You can also download the assets on your phone or share them directly from the app!

What benefits could you get from a DAM mobile app?

Here are three use cases you may encounter in your daily tasks:

1. During an event or a field trip, you can centralize your photos on Keepeek immediately. This way, only a few minutes after taking the shots, they are available to your colleagues, clients or providers!

2. You come across a colleague in the hallway who asks you for an image to add on a leaflet or a blog post. They may choose, on your phone, the most relevant image among your DAM content. In a second, you can also pass over the file by text or email!

3. while you are commuting, your manager calls you. You have to urgently send an asset selection to your agency. Wherever you may be, you can search, select assets and share them to your agency in a basket.

How do I get the app?

The Keepeek Android App is subject to licensing, get in touch with your account manager to learn more, or send us an email at info@keepeek.com!


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