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Keepeek launches its new Agile Marketing tool: the Boards!

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September 25, 2019
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On October 10, Keepeek invites you to discover a new feature, during a friendly event in Bastille, Paris. Enjoy a rare occasion to meet our clients and staff and watch a full demo of our brand new Boards!

Carole Marlot, from the Renault Group will explain how the Communication department plans to deploy the boards in every Renault marketing team worldwide.

You have workflow challenges to produce or validate assets? Talk to us, we can help!

But what are the boards, tangibly?

With this new extension, we hope to provide our clients with one single tool to interact, collaborate, enrich, but must of all manage content creation and validation!

You probably already know project management tools by column where you can drag and drop tasks from one column to the next depending on their progress. Keepeek uses the same system to manage asset creation and validation, with all the advanced features specific to asset management that you already know!

Everything you need in one place: your DAM

Stop changing from one tool to the other for every action you need to undertake to produce the latest poster or photo shoot! Discard your project management tool, your file transfer solution and your inbox: in Keepeek, you can create a board with the columns you require for your project and centralize all items!

All you need to do is invite whoever works on the project, and give them access to all or just some of the columns, depending on what they need! They can comment, validate/discard, add metadata, retouch and move items, even notify all or specific members!

Get in touch with us and tell us about your workflows at


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