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Eurosport reaches its goal through Keepeek

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November 19, 2015
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Pictures broadcast by Eurosport serve mainly to demonstrate the grids in different TV press titles across Europe. In this context, Eurosport has used Keepeek for the establishment of a DAM tool for all of its subsidiaries. Starting from a traditional library needs, the reflection of the project, jointly pushed by Eurosport and Keepeek, resulted in the development of a media center distributing also news and editorial content.Enjoy a half-time to read the interview of David Bernard- Bret, Communication and Marketing Assistant Director of Eurosport.

Could you tell us about the origin of the project? What kind of problematics were you facing?

The project was launched a year ago and a half. Our pictures did not have a centralized management system. We wanted our press services to be able to exploit the visuals for communication programs.Originally, all our pictures were stored on the computer of a person who was sought by all our employees and by the subsidiaries abroad. This process was extremely time consuming and we conducted an investigation on the benefits of Digital Asset Management.Finally, the implementation of the tool also met another need which was to associate the DAM to our new corporate website, a highly important communication leverage to share our assets, whether in the back office or through the portal users.

What were the objectives of the project?

We had two objectives with this project. It was able to centralize all our data on a dedicated portal, but also to give the necessary autonomy to our press services in the use of visuals. By combining these two goals, we were able to give a turnkey tool to our press services to optimize the distribution of our visual programs.

Before Keepeek, how were you proceeding?

We had an employee who was managing all the pictures. These were then made available in a shared folder on a network drive. In addition, we were using a lot WeTransfer to be able to share photos. This method was clearly not effective because nothing was indexed and it was time-consuming.

How was the project led? What were the specifics?

Keepeek source of proposals has enabled us to achieve much more than a library software. Keepeek deepened the reflection of our needs and made our users portal a real media center.Processing of editorial content and news has been integrated thanks to the flexibility of Keepeek app. The limitations inherent in a photo library were repelled by Keepeek to give us the benefit of a smart interface.

Today, who are Keepeek users? What do they do with Keepeek?

Users in subsidiaries are the press services, present in each of them. The basket function has greatly relieved the users that previously communicated with each other a list of assets sent via WeTransfer.Thanks to the basket, selecting photos is quick and press officers working with TV news agencies, magazines, and various cable operators, can distribute everything with Keepeek.Among the pictures used by the users, there are both many photos from Getty and sources of our own.

Why did you choose Keepeek ?

We wanted to go beyond a simple library. We met a number of potential suppliers before making our choice on Keepeek solution, for the flexibility it offered in terms of API library development of the existing tool. There was a common interest which inspired us and Keepeek regarding evolutions to implement.

What benefits did Keepeek DAM bring ?

In terms of benefits obtained, we found that our subsidiaries became autonomous and that the employee who ran the basis of photographs could be released from the pressure of being the only contact point.The customization of the tool according to our specific needs ensured the successful implementation of Keepeek DAM at Eurosport.


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