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For Mother's day get a brand gift!

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May 26, 2017
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The new Keepeek 360° release was deployed on Friday, May 12, 2017 on the Keepeek Cloud. Discover the latest features of the Digital Asset Management solution.

1/ Brand new!

You manage several brands in your back office. With the new release, you can link a user to a specific brand. Easily identifiable, the brand mention will also appear in the email object when sending messages from the back office.

2/ A more flexible user portal

Depending on the language, the identification page image and the portal logo are customized automatically.

3/ Your workflows in a few clics

Easily find your workflows using keywords (tags) in the search engine. You can now associate keywords in the workflow properties tab (settings and steps section).

3/ Provide your managers with more control

Give greater autonomy to your users, that is Keepeek's goal! Manager profiles can now take control over the user portal settings and customizations.

and some fixes:

- Display fix when deleting a basket
- FTP export improvement
- duplicate detection optimization


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