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Keepeek becomes an Akeneo partner!

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March 11, 2021
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Keepeek Akeneo pim dam partnership

Several integrations implemented in the past few years

Over the last few years, Keepeek has integrated several times with Akeneo, a French software publisher and world leader in PIM (Product Information Management) or PXM (Product Experience Management), which recently entered the French Tech Next 40 ranking. It was therefore high time for our two companies to make things more official. Keepeek has now become one of Akeneo's Technology and Community Partners!

Solving digital asset issues in Retail

By combining the advanced features of PIM and DAM (Digital Asset Management), the Keepeek/Akeneo integration addresses one of the major issues of the retail industry.

In its global B2B 2020 survey, Akeneo highlighted image and video management as one of the top three challenges in managing product information. 39% of respondents admit having difficulty managing their products' digital content (images, videos, pdfs, etc.). This prevents them from efficiently promoting their products.

To solve this issue, more and more retail companies such as Oxybul or the Renault Group implement a Keepeek DAM to:
- centralize all the images, videos, catalogues, notices and other digital content used to promote their products
- benefit from automatic format generation and version management features
- automate the process of supplying, validating and disseminating their content towards their eCommerce platforms, websites and other distribution channels.

An integration based on the Akeneo API

Keepeek's integration team performs the data synchronization between Keepeek and Akeneo PIM. Keepeek also provides Akeneo, via its API, with URLs for the various asset formats adapted to each dissemination channel.

Assets updated in real time on all dissemination channels

Thanks to this centralized system, supplying and updating assets is simplified. When a product image becomes obsolete, it only need to be replaced once, in Keepeek. Keepeek immediately regenerates all required formats: the image is updated in real time on all distribution channels, without any manual intervention required.

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