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Keepeek or Treat? The 3.7.19 version metamorphosis to manage your brands

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October 28, 2015
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Keepeek or treat the 3 7 19 version metamorphosis to manage your brands

As we are approaching Halloween, the Keepeek team deployed the new version of Keepeek 360 on Friday, October 23, 2015 on Cloud Keepeek Standard. It will then be available on the Cloud Keepeek Premium on Friday, October 30, 2015.

Discover now this new version.

Changing the status of the media to obsolete

The management of a media status has been optimized. When a required field has not been filled in, you can change the media status and assign the status "Obsolete".

Simplifying user management for multi-brand and multi-service photo libraries

New features were created to support you in management users:

Management of the concept of brand or service through a user admin

As primary administrator, you can pass on the baton to the brand or service administrators on user rights management and the management of the editorial area. Brand or service administrators are excellent relay to which you can delegate these tasks.

Managing profiles of the same brand or the same service

As administrator of a brand or a service, you directly access to the user management. You can manage user profiles or users of the same brand or of the same service as the current user.

Assignment of the brand or service during the first connection

When a new user logs in for the first time, it may have not yet a brand or a service assigned to his or her profile. The user gains in autonomy and can now choose himself the brand or service he wants to view the media.

Other features help you in optimizing the management of brands and services:

Mail management

The content of the messages sent by the application is customized according to the brand or service of the sender and recipient. Headers and footers match the graphics and URLs back office and portal users are personalized.

Editorial management areas and media lists

Take advantage of this new feature to customize your portal users (editorial area, list of media) according to the brand or the service. Users have access to content that directly affect them.

Basket sharing customization

The headers and footers of mails used for the basket sharing are those of the mail sender user of the brand or service. Users will identify more easily in a chartered environment.

Moving the editorial area menu for a brand administrator or service in the main menu bar

Customize your interface according to your preferences! This feature "user -friendly" oriented has been designed for you to change your menu yourself for more comfort.


  • Improved readability of text and label modification
  • Update the method of validation of email addresses
  • Sort order for a numeric field in the list view
  • Mirroring fields in detail in a multilingual environment when shifting from a language tab to another
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