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Keepeek news about the 4.37 release

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March 27, 2020
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First batch from our new three week production pace, the 4.37 release is also the first release produced for more than half in telework! Our product, development and quality teams managed to maintain their great team spirit from home to insure delivery of all the planned developments!

Check out what is new, this month, at Keepeek!

Personnalize your filters to search assets in the links feature

Evolutions in the links feature are coming to an end with this last development. Save your filter preferences when searching for assets to link. Choose to display only the filters relevant to you every time you need to find assets to link!

Move your assets more easily between folders

Until now, it was impossible to move assets from one folder to another when subfolder asset display was activated. You could only copy them. This limit has now been removed to facilitate reordering your assets in the folder tree!

Offer retouching options on your user portals

You can offer users on your front ends to retouch their images before downloading them.

They can crop or resize images according to predefined templates or specific needs before downloading them!

Once retouched, the image can be downloaded in a specific format (original, pre-generated or a custom format)!

Please note, contrary to back end developments, front end developments are not automatically implemented on user portals. Get in touch with your account manager should you wish to include new developments on your front end.

Update date

The new release will be available on the Cloud from Wednesday, April 1st!


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