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New in the 4.38 Keepeek release

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April 10, 2020
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The 4.38 release focused on improving display in the upload wall, search results and collaborative spaces, with several evolutions to access information more easily. Our team also updated the Keepeek plugin for Drupal 8.

Media ID now available in the summary

sEach asset in the system own a unique Media Id, which is now available directly from the summary. You can double-click on the ID to select it and copy/paste it wherever you need!

Identify your videos more easily in a search result

Icons representing the asset type underneath each thumbnail have been changed to become more intuitive. For videos, it is now the 'play' pictogram, more common accross web apps and better to distinguish videos from still images.

Check immediately which assets have linked content

You no longer need to access the asset details or open the summary to know whether an asset has linked content. From the thumbnails, a blue icon with a 'link' pictogram appears underneath the thumbnails which have at least one linked asset.

Plugin Keepeek for Drupal 8 (CK Editor) updated!

Keepeek has provided a drupal plugin for a while now, to integrate DAM images on web pages. This plugin works for the Drupal CMS through the CK Editor open source text editor.

The plugin has been updated to work on the latest Drupal version (Drupal 8.8) and an additional feature provides the opportunity to manually select the image format to best adapt to your web page.

Update date

The new release will be available on the Cloud from Thursday, April 16!


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