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Don't just aim: shoot! Discover our video features

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August 28, 2019
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and... Action!

You produce more and more videos? Discover how Keepeek can help you ease their production, management and dissemination!

Your various formats and automatic conversions

Manage your video files no matter the format (.mov, .avi, .mp4, etc.) and automatically create other versions for specifics needs!

A sense of déjà vu?

Keepeek detects automatically as soon as you upload a video whether it has not already been added. You may even compare versions to verify and remove any duplicates!


The video thumbnail can make a whole difference between a user who clicks and a user who does not! With Keepeek, you may choose the thumbnail image of your video among its frames or add an image you created or found elsewhere, to encourage users to click!


From a video, you can extract segments or still images. This way, one video can become several assets to adapt to various purposes! Our video player provides users with a direct access to the segments they wish to view and they can download just the part in which they are interested.

A forgotten cup in the frame or another production gaffe?

With Keepeek, enjoy collaborative features to review your videos before dissemination. Your reviewers can comment on specific time codes to point inconsistencies, errors or give feedback!

Open to the world

The application provides various dissemination features to adapt to your targets: PR, social media, clients, partners... Create video playlists or share large videos with your project stakeholders in confidential baskets. Embed videos in your webpages, add subtitles in various languages with srt/vtt files or type them directly in Keepeek!

Get the numbers

Easily find the most viewed videos, discover the ones your users do not watch until the end, identify the keywords for which your users do not find any results. Filter the statistics on specific content or user groups to get a better picture of uses and needs and adjust your DAM accordingly!

Always agile, we pursue our developments to meet your new challenges!

Discover our new extension to pilot your YouTube channels directly from Keepeek! Click here for more!


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