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With Keepeek 3.7.22 your media are faithful

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February 15, 2016
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With Keepeek 3 7 22 your media are faithful

The new version of Keepeek 360° has been successfully deployed this Friday, February 12th on Cloud Keepeek Standard. It will then be available on Friday, February 19th on the Cloud Keepeek Premium.

Try the new features of this version !

Addition of the date of removal of a media

Take advantage of this new feature in the trash tab to see the date at which the media was removed. This new feature allows you to have more accurate archives on actions led on the media of your base.

Addition of a download link of a media in your mailings*

During your emailings, give your recipients the possibility to directly download the original media via a direct download link. If the sender has the necessary rights, the download will be in seconds.

Completion settings

Customize the number of characters from which suggestions appear in the fields of "completion" type and in the main search engine. This will allow your users to quickly get the most relevant suggestions.

The users portal modernized again in the 3.7.22 version of Keepeek. Discover 4 new features that will improve the use of your portal:

Media classification with the multibasket

The multibasket evolves on the portal and allows to select the destination basket in which to place your media. This new feature helps you to quickly sort your selections.

Addition of a basket sharing feature

The basket sharing is now available and manageable from the users portal. Enjoy this novelty to improve the transversality between your employees and yourself.

Addition of video sequences

Sequencing your videos is now available for your users from the portal. Access downloadable specific sequences faster and provide value to your audiovisual productions.

Indication of media put in the basket

Quickly view media added in a basket during your session. This new display system will save valuable time in sharing your media.


  • Modification of media import with tree view for browsers that no longer support java
  • Disable indexation of a media suggested but not validated by the user during face detection
  • Bug on video sequences display
  • DAM_Keepeek_Cordage_Picto_2

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